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The Metaalwinkel products include the following:


Wire-netting, blind rivets, profiles, polishing materials, massif, mounting materials, plates, Handy tube construction systems, Keeklamp building systems-ornamental wrought ironwork (Gates)- (Halve) spheres: hollow and solid-scenery plates (Metal)-Metal cleaners- Classic style-Welding tools-Drills-Glues-Stretch metal-Foils-Easy fasteners-Personal protection products.

Wrought ironwork fences and spare parts.


Manufacturing on request and manufacturing to your own design are also possible.

Siersmeed hekwerk en losse onderdelen

Messing perforated sheets


Various thicknesses and sizes

Messing geperforeerde platen

Classic style accessories


To be used for railing, fencing, door pusher, handrails, wall decoration etc.


Classic style accessoires

Decorative sheeting


Aluminium rice grain

Aluminium sun dressing

Aluminium hammer-slag

Copper hammer-slag

Aluminium tear plate

Bras clover leave

Iron clover leave

Decoratie platen



Bras, copper, rustproof steel, aluminium and synthetic. Can be used as sifting gauze, filter gauze, decorative and creative applications in art and many other applications.



Iron hollow spheres, halve spheres


Aluminium and messing round handles and balls can be supplied in various sizes


IJzeren holle bollen, halve bollen

Handy tube construction D.I.Y. systems


For making your own designs, cupboards, racks, desks, shop interiors, shelves, tables etc. Sawn to size and at your request made to your design or sketch at an additional charge.


Handy tube snelbouw doe-het-zelf systeem

Wire-netting welded or woven


Various kinds suitable to be used for reinforcement of floors and walls, in front of windows against theft, fencing, decoration etc.


Gazen gelast of geweven

Welding materials


Various welding apparatus. gloves and  welder’s shields.

Welder’s shields which automatically go darker at the moment of welding



Stretch metal/Wire-netting


Various kinds and sizes aluminium, iron, rustproof steel



Tear plates


Various thicknesses, kinds and sizes

-2-tear plate

-5-tear plate

-rice-grain plate



Metal wire


Various thicknesses and types, rust-proof steel, iron, copper, messing, new silver etc.




Aluminium tear plates

Tear plates are available in various versions.
Aluminium, Steel and RVS (rustproof steel). Tear plates Are available at De Metaalwinkel
The most frequently used types are always in stock.





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