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Metal working


Besides semi finished products we can also supply semi end products which have been tooled. Some of the tooling we offer are:


·       Assembling

·       Drilling,

·       Cutting.

·       Welding / soldering / gluing

·       Tapping

·       Sawing

·       Composing


To avoid damages during the metal working a 80 mm thick white synthetic foil can be applied to the metal sheets.


Metaalwinkel: metaalbewerking



Surface treatments


Aluminium – anodizing

Anodizing is artificially applying a layer of oxide on the aluminium. This layer is considerably thicker than the natural film of oxide and offers a much better resistance against oxidation. The anodizing process is an electronic process ( simultaneous interaction of chemical substances and electricity) Anodizing can only be done in specially equipped work areas, The result depends on many factors. Most of them are fully controlled by expertise of the anodizing company. Anodizing can be used for both protection of the material, the so-called technical anodizing, and getting a decorative result as well as protection, the so-called decorative anodizing. For decorative anodizing the material will first be grinded and/or polished before being anodized.


Aluminium – Powder coating / enamelling

By means of an electrostatic process the basis material is coated with powder which melts together through heating and gives it a decorative protection layer. This layer can be supplied in many RAL colours.


Brass – High gloss polishing

For decorative purposes we can supply plates, tubes and profiles in a high gloss finish, as well as high gloss brass railing systems, called Classic Style


Rust-resistant steel – Grinding / Brushing

For decorative purposes we can supply plates, tubes and profiles in grinded or brushed finish. Grinding can be done in various thicknesses, varying from very course ( course grain 60 ) to very fine ( course grain 600 ). We stock: plates in various thicknesses, grinded in course grain 320,and satin like brushed tubes.



Our anodized profiles are standard supplied in VB6 / A20 / VOM1, also called “technical white”.


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