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Lead is a heavy blue-grey very soft metal. It can easily be manually shaped to different forms.


Lead is highly rust resistant but as it gets older it does go mat and the colour becomes dark grey.


Lead is mainly applied for sheeting drainage on roofs and outside outer walls.


Lead is also used for indoor interiors, covering table tops and, with a design pressed into it, it is used to cover posts


Lead is also used as an alloy for semi-precious metals and soldering tin.


Lead is also used for ballast and for weighting down model made boats.


Lead is used in the fishing industry, mainly as sounding led.


Lead is well known by artists because it is easy to mould.


Lead has a low melting point of 327 degrees Celsius which makes it easy to make casts to your own design.


Lead is available in various thicknesses, usually on a roll.


If required we supply led in very small quantities.


Note: Led can damage your health and is not suitable to be used in areas where food is prepared or stored.



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